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Best Gender Prediction Test At Home For Your Convenience

If you’re pregnant and dying to know whether your child is a boy or a girl in the future, what should you do?

Have you ever tried doing any gender prediction test at home?

Maybe the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar can help you find out the accurate result.

This tool was discovered 700 years ago which uses your age and your conception month to predict if you’re having a female or male baby.

In most cases, you’re also recommended to utilize this Chinese fertility chart as a pre-conception tool for angling for one gender in particular. After figuring out the best month to get pregnant, don’t mind consulting the gender predictor.

If you wonder whether an ancient Chinese calendar can actually forecast the unborn child’s gender, this birth chart supposedly predicts the sex of a baby with the accuracy up to 93%.

Why don’t you give a spin and find out what you are curious about?

What is Chinese Gender Pregnancy Calendar?

What is Chinese Gender Pregnancy Calendar?

Let’s have a small talk about one of the most precise tools used by almost every Chinese mother for a long time until now, the Chinese gender pregnancy calendar.

The rumor has it that this type of gender chart is often precise enough to let any pregnant woman find out whether their coming kids are males or females at the time of conception.

Looking back on the olden moments, the calendar originated in Beijing, over 700 years ago, and it was stated to turn up in the royal tomb back then whereas others can say that originally it came from the Institute of Science located in Beijing.

It’s indicative of the Qing Dynasty unfolded since 1972 in which the chart is actually displayed in the so-called Farmer’s Almanac each and every one of the years. Following some reliable resources, the entire gender prediction chart or the pregnancy calendar here contains such a high rate of accuracy without a doubt.

Does the Chinese gender chart really work?

When it comes to the sex predictions, this foreseeing tool is likely to be above 90% accurate. However, many individuals consider it just as a fun and entertained way to guess the genders of the unborn kids.

In fact, there has seemed to be no scientific evidence shown to prove the authenticity and trustworthiness of this forecasting tool, or even make sure that this Chinese chart truly works in any case.

It depends on you to trust that kind of information or not, when it’s coming right from the survey of the delivery room in hospital. Everyone both knows how the tool follows one ancient baby gender prediction chart for real.

How Does Lunar Calendar Baby Gender Work?

How Does Lunar Calendar Baby Gender Work?

By using one woman’s Chinese age and the month of pregnancy, a person or a Chinese mother here is able to predict her real gender of the baby.

When we apply this gender predictor calendar, there will be 2 pieces of essential information that shouldn’t be ignored. There are the lunar age of the mother at the time moment of conception and the month when she conceives.

Bear in mind that this chart is totally different from the Western one as the lunar calendar is known as the core foundation for the chart to depend on.

Enter our age at the moment of conception now!

It is worth pointing out that according to the Chinese calendar, when being born, a kid was already 1 year old since her age is often identified right from the time she still stays in her mother’s womb (about 9 months and 10 days). This concept is quite different from the one of the Gregorian calendar.

Can not convert our Chinese ages into the Gregorian ones or work out our age?

Don’t be reluctant to ask an online source for assistance now!

Determine the lunar month when our unborn child was going to be conceived.

In other words, we are able to identify the moment we desire our baby to be conceived. As a result, it is highly significant for a mom-to-be to know beforehand the ideal time she might get pregnant.

For this step, a lady is required to convert her actual and expected month of conception into the lunar ones, relying on the lunar calendar through making use of the online converter.

Look at the graph and find out the intersection of our conception month of and our lunar age.

This is likely to be the last stage of the gender prediction process. Try to begin with our lunar age at first, and then move towards the time once we conceive, which will provide us with a full view of our kids’ genders. G stands for girls and B is for boys.

In spite of any reason, this superstitious practice has strongly been applied by those who desperately wish to verify the genders of their babies. Because it is fairly easy to utilize the chart, someone would like to give it a try once.

Generally speaking, it is advisable not to take it seriously; instead, we should avail it for relaxation purposes only.

How to Predict Baby’s Gender Accurately?

How to Predict Baby's Gender Accurately?

The accurate Chinese Gender Predictor is an online baby gender selection and planning tool formulated by the Chinese centuries ago. Based on the calculations of Chinese pregnancy calendar, the predictor knows exactly when to get pregnant to have a baby girl and which month to conceive for a baby boy.

How to use this tool?

All you have to do is – entering the mother’s date of birth and the conception year (for those who already conceived) or the expected conception year (for those who are trying for a baby) in the available form. After that, the calculator will convert the age and dates into Chinese year format and perform the calculations.

Ideally, the Chinese gender chart only works during the pregnancy. However, a reverse calculation of the dates will help you get one step closer to the accurate baby gender selection.

If the mother’s both date of birth and the lunar month are odd or even numbers, she will have a baby girl. But, if one is odd and the other is even, she will conceive a boy. This may sound illogical; however, the high level of accuracy has been experienced by most parents following the Free Gender Predictor.

For centuries, it has been considered as the most reliable tool for accurate baby sex prediction because it’s simplified and user-friendly. More than the importance of discovering the child’s gender, the Chinese gender predictor has become one of the most popular pregnancy tool used by many expectant mothers over the world.

Not pregnant but you’re planning to have a baby?

Feel free to utilize this tool as it can be used in case you’re trying to conceive as well, especially if you have interest towards a particular gender. Select different conception dates and check out the result to see whether it is a boy or girl.

Right now, the gender prediction 2020 and 2021 are available online; nonetheless, it’s much easier to use Chinese gender chart for sex selection.

Like we mentioned above, the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is not a scientific method; still, this tool is tested and trusted by millions of people around the world. In case you have any question about this subject, don’t mind contacting us.

Ask Chinese Gender Calendar For 2019

Ask Chinese Gender Calendar For 2019

Nothing is better than that you eventually search out a compatible partner who will go with during the rest of the whole life. Nevertheless, the journey you must experience in this life will not always be smooth as you think.

Therefore, careful preparations should be done to tackle possible difficulties and matters revolving around future marital and love prospects. One of these is the birth of a baby. Perhaps, the appearance of the embryo will get you anxious because taking care of it so that it can healthily grow is not easy.

Meanwhile, many of you have a larger penchant for knowing about the unborn baby’s gender before it’s checked at the doctor’s office.

Asking Chinese gender calendar for 2019 will be a useful method.

This is referred to as a gender astrological chart which will be availed for baby gender prediction or baby gender selection. It’s supposed that it was a useful tool emanating from Qing Dynasty a few centuries ago. The essential purpose of its use is to assist the querier to learn how to get pregnant with a female baby or how to have a male baby.
It’s not easy to use Chinese gender calendar and materials for this tool are easy to get.

A lady needs to know the exact moment of conception and her date of birth according to Chinese Lunar Calendar before activating this tool.

There are 2 ways to get the result from Chinese Gender Calendar:

1. On some related websites, we can easily find out numerous forms based on the prediction tool. The lady just types her birth date and the month where she has got pregnant in suggested boxes, and then waits to get the result. Everything here is automatic, so she will fast know if she’s carrying a female baby or a male baby.

2. The other one requires her to look at the gender calendar chart. It’s clear that instructions on the chart will also help her define when she should get pregnant if she wanting to choose the baby’s gender:

  • First, observe the whole chart! A column is Mother’s Chinese Age, and another is Time of Conception.
  • After having already calculated her age according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar and defined the Chinese month when she conceives, she just needs to seek for the intersection of these 2 dates; the intersecting point will reveal if the baby is male or female.

A Look at Baby Gender Predictor 2019

A Look at Baby Gender Predictor 2019

The online Chinese pregnancy or baby gender 2019 would fundamentally operate based on the Chinese calendar itself.

This calendar is actually utilized by the Chinese within 1400 years prior to Christ. It’s stated to be a lunar calendar here, but it’s not only based on the Moon’s movements, but also indicates every position and movements of the Sun. In other words, this can be said to be misleading, since the calendar also indicates the context of the Sun.

To be honest, this baby calculator in the coming year might have a straightforward correlation with the precision of all astronomical calculations as well as other hidden assumptions.

In addition, the calendar would be pretty accurate in its representation of either the Lunar or the solar positioning. Shortly, the gender test would be primarily designed to provide you with a specific position of the gender of the baby you’re expecting to have.

Also, it’s best to use this chart or calendar for this purpose only, since it’s surely one of the most helpful prediction tools in the world, especially as it comes to the planning for your new arrival.

Are you still confused about choosing the appropriate clothes for your baby as well as wondering if he or she likes them?

Do not worry, since the Chinese baby gender 2019 would ask you to offer about 2 distinct dates, including your own date of birth along with your date of conception. More than that, the age will be taken into account, just to find out how old you were when you started to conceive. After that, one certain adjustment will be made to the calendar through the act of adding 09 months to the age.

What are you still waiting for?

Hurry to take this free online Chinese Pregnancy test now, and get your sex of your baby predicted as accurate as possible.

This is possible to assist you in making plans based on if you, the mother-to-be, is likely to own a girl or a boy.

Predict Baby Gender by Due Date

What do we have here?

Let’s mix the highly entertaining predictive traits of many distinct baby calculators into one site. First, please find a reliable source where you could get your own Chinese gender calendar or the basic due date calculator as well as the lunar age calculator available online. All of them are seen as the most potentially accurate astrology machines for every mother-to-be in the world.

Like any Chinese gender calendar you ever used before, make sure to fill your own birth date and the date of your own conception into the blanks.

How does a calendar work?

The online predictor would help to work out or estimate your own conception date. By adding around 14 days to the initial day of your total menstrual period, your baby’s gender results will be immediately revealed.

Are you trying to identify the sex of the child through the fetal heartbeat rate, the movements of the fetus, or any other ancient technique like the traditional folklores for instances?

Make sure to try the Chinese Due date calendar method at first.

Besides the baby’s due date, you could also examine more your child’s astrological Sun sign or Chinese astrology sign through the Western zodiac or Chinese zodiac.

Tips to Use Chinese Gender Predictor

What about adding one age on the New Year Day, which is apparently from the Lunar Calendar?

Doing so can tell us clearly about that Lunar calendar which is in charge of working out the figures for you to gain the best baby gender predictions in the easiest possible way. Feel free to choose the birthday of the mother along with her conception date through the use of the so-called Western Gregorian calendar.

You need to remember to fill the time zone into the textbox online, since the Lunar Calendar right there would be quite different for each and every one of the time zones.

Basically press or click on ‘submit’ button, for the aim of understanding and getting the baby gender, along with the Lunar month at the conception time. Don’t forget about seeking for the specific time zone that is also necessary for your successful search.

According to the legend, the whole chart was actually found in one old tomb in Chinese nation and is based on the Lunar calendar. By utilizing the age of the mother at the conception as well as the month of the conception, supposedly you’re able to determine with the accuracy reaching 100%.

Be quick to move on to the Chinese pregnancy calendar page, which is basically such a great idea to follow the right steps on how to earn the most precise results.

  • First of all, a beginner needs to take note of the age of the mother right at the time of conception as well as the month as the baby goes conceived.
  • Feel free to verify the specific month right on the top of the whole chart, along with the age on the left of the tool.
  • Last but not least, you have to follow each and every one of the rows and columns on the Chinese birth calendar reaching the spot where they all intersect, and then search for the corresponding boxes.

For instances, we have one box labeled B for boy whilst the G for girl.

Besides, you can easily detect them by seeing how the female is colored in pink whilst the male is colored in blue. Whenever you do not find such information accurate enough, then feel free to seek for more precious and scientifically-based information concerning the gender selection and pregnancy.

It’s better to use the online ovulation calculator that is meant to help the user to finally plan the real gender of the baby depending on the body of that person.

As we know, several parents might determine to use the method just to divine the babies’ genders in an accurate way.

On the Internet, the entire Chinese birth chart is trusted to keep such a high accuracy rate for further baby gender forecast, and then it’s not scientifically proven way for the baby gender selection.

Baby Gender Prediction Online Methods

Baby Gender by the Moon

Baby Gender Prediction Online Methods

It’s implied that the astro energy of the baby’s conception date would be the initial time the zodiac has played an important part throughout the baby’s journey. You can freely use the male or female energy of the Moon from the fertile days to help yourself. We both know that each and every astrological sign is stated to be either masculine or feminine.

Their qualities are pretty much like the Yin Yang stuff. Moreover, the Moon itself is perfectly a heavenly body to the earth, and seen as the planet mostly connected to physical body. Its monthly cycles can display any change in fertility levels.

Online Baby Horoscope

Will a Gemini baby talk early?

Then what about the Taurus baby who is playing with his mother recently?

Let the stars provide you with the most valuable insights and messages into the youngest minds. Make sure to scan your baby’s profiles just to find out whether the baby can be the coming president of the United States or not.

Guess what? In case she’s one of those Leos, then she’s likely to become a captain of a nation. Online baby horoscope would ask you to read on further details like if your baby would cry during the night or not. If so, then the baby must be the Cancer.

Hurry to take such tips now.

AstroBaby Finder Online

Let’s take every detail of your unborn baby into account now with the help the online AstroBaby Finder.

Will it be a blissful child, or simply a combination of both good and bad qualities?

Just find out right away through the act of examining the specific signs of both parents, and the AstroBaby Finder can tell you which of those 12 signs are the most ideal for you and which one can prove to be such a helpful one.

The 2019 free pregnancy horoscope predictionalso tells you when the best time to try to conceive so that you could have the desired baby having the sun sign you want.

Have Fun with Tarot for Baby’s Sex

One certain deck of Tarot is strongly believed to be able to help to discern the real sex of the baby. The person using it might have for quite some time, and you can also have more fun with it to predict your own baby’s sex.

Try to look it up, and according to that person, the Cup and Pentacle would mean the girl while the Swords and Wands would be boy. Make sure to ask the cards and focus on your main concern. Draw about 3 cards, and if you’ve got 3 of Pentacles, Strength, together with 4 of Cups, then it means to be a girl.

You can ask the Chinese predictor for help for a more confirmation.


According to many people who used Chinese baby calendar for a gender prediction test at home, the baby gender primarily uses the Chinese Lunar age of the mothers-to-be for any pregnant result.

Hence, you need to find your own lunar age by adding about one or two years to your real age. Later, the calendar would take responsibility for calculating it for you automatically.

Everything will be accurately calculated for you, and this chart can totally work. It’s simple for every parent who would know more about the two different choices available here: boy or girl.

We have known that around 50% of the time it needs to make the right call.

At least it can be such an entertaining tool for you and the others. Despite the fact that there’s no specific scientific evidence proving this calendar to actually work with all baby predictions, people would love using it as their second choice after their medical checks-up from the doctors.

It’s one of the most precise ancient baby gender prediction tools until now. By just basing on every calculation of this calendar, the gender chart has been created right after that. It’s pretty useful when any woman is planning to get pregnant as well as would like to select the sex of baby before the conception time.

Ask us some further information regarding the topic via the box here.

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