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Top 5 Weird Methods To Predict Baby Gender

Parents, when found out they are expecting, are very curious and excited about the gender of the baby. Some say that they need to know beforehand whether their unborn baby is a boy or girl as there are many matters surrounding that like name, color for the nursery and clothes to buy.

Today, The Wanna be WAHM will not discuss about old wives’ tales as everyone knows them well. Instead, it’s time to take a look at weird, unique folklores and myths from different countries around the world that are used to determine the gender of the baby.

Weird Methods to Predict Baby Gender

1. Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

This ancient Chinese method is very popular and used commonly among mamas-to-be when it comes to guessing the sex of the baby. How does it work? To use Chinese gender chart, you need two key elements – the mother’s lunar age at the time she conceived and the lunar month of conception.

The chart will then calculate your two numbers based on Chinese calendar. The intersecting point on the chart will help you determine whether your unborn child is a son or daughter. A survey of The Wanna be WAHM proved that the accuracy rate of this Chinese gender method used the lunar calendar is up to 93%.

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2. The Drano Myth

Like any other countries, American people also have their own gender myths. Have you ever heard or tried the Drano test yet? This is a method in which the mother has to mix her urine with Drano. The Drano color later will let her know the baby gender.

  • You are pregnant with a baby girl if the Drano mixture is green
  • You are conceiving a boy if the mixture turns blue
  • If you get a mixture of a dark brown color within the first 10s, your baby is a boy
  • If your mixture does not change colors within 15s, you will have a daughter

Although the Drano myth sounds scientific, the varying colors make it hard to the get accurate result. Therefore, you should take this test for the entertaining purpose only.

3. Musical Chairs

According to The Wanna be WAHM, people in the Dominican Republic have a very interesting way to figure out a baby’s gender. This old folklore needs a spoon, a knife and a folk. Without telling the mother, place these three items under the cushions of three separate chairs. Then ask her to choose a particular chair to sit on.

If the decision of the mom is:

  • The chair with the spoon, she is pregnant with a girl
  • The chair with the knife, she is having a boy
  • The chair with the folk, the gender is undetermined
Weird Baby Gender Prediction Methods

4. Germany Sleep Method

For pregnant women, sleep is definitely one of their greatest struggles. They are always in the lack of sleep state because getting into a comfortable position is really a problem. However, in Germany, determining a pregnant mother’s type of sleep is a popular way to find out the baby gender.

If a pregnant mother keeps sleepy in all day, she is assumed to have a girl. Yet, she will conceive a boy if feeling well-rested most of the time.

5. Chicken Hearts

There are two ways to predict the baby gender in Brazil. One way is – giving the pregnant woman a chicken’s heart to cook it up. People there believe that if the heart opens up while it’s been cooked, the mother will give birth to a girl. On the other hand, she will have a boy if the heart keeps shut.

In case you are afraid of the chicken heart, then try another method. Like Chinese people, Brazilians also have their own gender chart. To make it work, you need the age when you conceived and the conception month. The result, as in the following, will be:

  • Odd age with odd month – Girl
  • Odd age with even month – Boy
  • Even age with even month – Girl
  • Even age with odd month – Boy

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