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Mayan Gender Predictor 2024 – Accurate or Not? Test NOW!

Before the era of ultrasounds, gender determination didn’t focus much on the so-called scientific truth.

Back then, people were still able to predict the baby gender even if they haven’t yet discovered the existence of Chinese gender chart. In fact, there were quite a lot of methods that we know as “old wives’ tale” helping a woman find out whether her baby is a boy or a girl.

Since there were only two gender choices, it was not surprising that the accuracy rate of those tips was high.


Today, with the advanced, modern technology, determining a baby’s gender is much simpler and more precise. However, it doesn’t mean all the ancient techniques in the past disappear – actually, it still exists.

In this article, I am going to introduce to you the Mayan baby gender chart, one of old gender prediction methods used by the most ancient civilization – the Mayans.

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Of course delivering a healthy baby is a priority, some expectant mothers still want to give birth to a child of their favorite sex.

After all, pregnancy is somewhat mysterious despite all the scientific evidences published. Plus, some parents-to-be find that guessing the gender of a child is a bit entertaining.

What is Mayan Gender Predictor Chart?

To begin, let’s have a step back to the past!


Anciently, the Mayan civilization was known for creating numerous achievements: from art, architecture, mathematics, to the calendar and astronomical system.

Moreover, they seemingly came up with a chart for predicting an unborn child’s gender. Even though the Mayan baby chart is not popular as the Chinese pregnancy calendar, it’s still entertaining to try.

Focusing on math and astronomy, this chart is the Mayans’ very own method of guessing one’s gender before given birth.

The way it works is quite simple: you need only the mother’s age at the time of conception and the month of conception. The baby would be a girl if both numbers are odd or even; on the other hand, you are expecting a boy if either number is odd or even.

Mayan Calendar Gender Predictions 2024

Age at Conception

Month of Conception














How accurate is the Mayan calendar?

Well, there is no scientific evidence proving the accuracy of this old technique. Yet similar to Chinese gender predictor (another ancient gender prediction method), no one feels serious in using the pregnancy chart of the Mayan civilians to satisfy their curiosity of a baby’s sex.

Overall, the Mayan gender predictor test is for the entertaining purpose only.

If you are interested in this chart, then you may want to have a look at some beautiful Mayan boy names and Mayan girl names as well – click here for more ideas!

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Who Should Get a Fertility Reading?


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But, as the future is not set in stone, I advise you to consider having a fertility reading every 3-6 months if you are in the process of trying to conceive.

The advisors on this psychic network will give you as much support and guidance as possible to keep you healthy. Make sure you balance both your mind and emotion during that challenging time.

What to Consider in a Fertility Reading?

What Do You Gain from a Fertility Reading?

By using the Mayan calendar chart 2024 for your reading, the baby psychics will surely tell whether the child you are carrying is a boy or a girl.

More interestingly, in case you are trying to conceive a baby of a particular gender, this Mayan gender prediction also enables to assist the mother in selecting the gender she has longed for accurately.

In general, you can expect a fertility reading to mainly focus on your best interests regarding your well-being, life path, and spiritual journey. Besides, the spiritual guidance may not always give hints on what you should consider at this moment; sometimes it is the critical factor that could influence your life in the future.

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