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A Glimpse into Accurate Mayan Gender Calendar Chart 2024

In a time when before the existence of ultrasounds, the gender of the baby was determined mainly on prediction (or speculation) rather than scientific evidence.

Have you heard of Mayan gender prediction method?

Not as popular and commonly used as Chinese gender chart, but this ancient method is also seen as a very entertaining way to guess the baby gender.

Nowadays, as you know, there are many psychic networks available online. But only a few sites where psychics make use of Mayan gender chart in their pregnancy reading.

If you want to try this service, let me introduce you one trustworthy place.

That’s Kasamba.com!

This network offers the “Fertility Reading” session in which you can interact with some authentic advisors specializing in fertility and pregnancy.

Choose the one you prefer most and make contact via phone, online chat or email.

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Do you have burden questions about pregnancy?

If you are looking for the most accurate answer to your pregnancy queries, I advise you to access Kasamba psychic network.

With an online fertility reading via online chat, phone or email, you will surely gain deeper insight and clarity into the situation you are involved in. Only the top-rated psychic advisors are available on this website.

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Short Reviews 10 Pregnancy Psychic Advisors

Here I present you some of Kasamba fertility psychics availing the Mayan gender chart in their readings online.

If you are interested in the mystery of this chart, consider these following advisors:

1. Psychic Zoe

Psychic ZoePsychic Zoe.

A talented psychic reader has 30 years of experience in doing different types of readings. Zoe’s speciality is giving advice for love life, marriage, relationships, love compatibility and soulmate.

She can also answer any question related to pregnancy matters, as well as can forecast one’s past, present and future.

By working with Tarot cards, Zoe will help you find the guidance and answer that you’ve been searching for a very long time.

2. Love Psychic Nathalye

Love Psychic NathalyeLove Psychic Nathalye.

This psychic was gifted an ability to see things in the future that are likely to come. She can discuss and help you with different topics, but her major is still predicting the pregnancy.

Besides telling whether or not you will conceive a baby, Nathalye is able to solve any of your fertility issues.

She promises to be truthful when delivering the psychic reading and to give you the guidance that will leave positive influences on your life

3. World Famous Expert One

World Famous Expert OneWorld Famous Expert One.

This is really an expert in answering all questions regarding fertility and pregnancy. She makes use of numerology and Tarot cards to foresee the moment that a woman could conceive.

If you also want an insight into relationships, friendship, or future love life, the best option is to put your faith in the World Famous Expert One.

She can even connect with her Spirit Guides to get the spiritual guidance that will help you recognize your true self on a profound level.

4. Reunite Lovers

Reunite LoversReunite Lovers.

What can Reunite Lovers help you?

He will come with the ability of contacting Spirit Guides from the other side to offer you a vision into your motherhood future. By that, he is able to answer the question: “When I will get pregnant?

With 18 years of experience, this psychic advisor has done a lot of readings about a variety of different topics, such as love & relationships, business, astrology, palm reading, fortune telling, dream analysis, etc.

5. Mystic Love Visions

Mystic Love VisionsMystic Love Visions.

With great insight and clarity, this Kasamba psychic enables to answer you the inquiry: “Am I pregnant?

Not only specializing in reading pregnancy, Mystic Love Visions is also a clairvoyant and energy healer who will assist you in resolving all urgent issues about love, marriage, relationships, reunion, and career.

Over 20 years of experience, he guarantees to give you only the pure truth and advice for your improvement in life instead of sugar-coated words.

6. Spiritual Amy

Spiritual AmySpiritual Amy.

This psychic can tell you the potentiality of your pregnancy and explain reasons why you’re hardly to conceive. In fact, your sex life has a close connection to fertility; therefore, Spiritual Amy will give you advice to make right decisions.

For over 23 years, she has used her spiritual power to give many honest, real readings to thousands of people.

She can help you with problems about love & relationships, marriage, career, finances, breakup & divorce, etc.

7. Mia Psychic

Mia PsychicMia Psychic.

For those who are seeking the answer to: “When am I going to get pregnant?” I recommend you to call Mia Psychic – she is one of best psychics when it comes to solving fertility problems.

Mia is a very honest, empathic psychic who will give you fast answers about different aspects in life.

Amongst, this spiritualist specializes in reading love relationships, soulmate, and other heart matters as well. Call her from today and she will immediately point out things you are facing at this time.

8. Sonya Starr Angel

Sonya Starr AngelSonya Starr Angel.

Who is the best fertility psychic expert on Kasamba?

My ultimate choice would be Sonya Starr Angel – she is the top-rated advisor that provides only honest, compassionate answers to all fertility questions.

When doing a reading, she will cover all aspects of your existing situation and then offer you guidance, advice and even future actions. I ensure that you’ll achieve much information in a session with Sonya the Psychic.

She has over 20 years of experience in approaching people on a spiritual level and giving them therapy for peace of mind.

9. Sid PowerfulVisions

Sid PowerfulVisionsSid PowerfulVisions.

A talented psychic reader has 30 years of experience in doing different types of readings. Zoe’s speciality is giving advice for love life, marriage, relationships, love compatibility and soulmate.

She can also answer any question related to pregnancy matters, as well as can forecast one’s past, present and future.

By working with Tarot cards, Zoe will help you find the guidance and answer that you’ve been searching for a very long time.

10. Alicia


Are you trying to conceive? What is my baby gender? Have many unsolved questions regarding pregnancy?

Call Alicia the Psychic to get insightful guidance on such these fertility inquiries.

She is gifted with an outstanding spiritual power that can help you overcome all problems in life as well as remove the negative energy surrounding you. This advisor can give you different types of reading services, but her speciality is finding happiness in one’s love life.

Overview of Mayan Gender Predictor Chart

Mayan Gender Predictor Chart

According to The Wanna be WAHM, the Mayans – the most ancient civilization – created and developed their own way of predicting gender. By making use of their advantage, math and astronomy, they invented Mayan gender calendar that helping them figure out the sex of unborn babies.

How does this gender predictor chart work?

In order to determine the baby gender, you need the mother’s age at the time of conception and the month of conception.

  • If both numbers are odd or even, you are pregnant with a girl
  • If one number is odd and the other one is even, you are conceiving a boy

Overall, the method is quite simple. If you are still confused about how it works, maybe this following chart will help you understand easily.


Age at Conception

Month of Conception














Although there is no specific proof proving the accuracy of this method, as well as other ancient gender prediction tools like Chinese pregnancy calendar, there is no harm to make a guess on your baby’s sex using Mayan gender chart. Keep in mind that the method presented here is for the entertaining purpose only – you should not take the result too seriously.

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For absolutely accurate prediction, you must have the ultrasound scan.

Other Common Gender Prediction Methods

Common Gender Prediction Methods

Admit it, one of the most interesting parts in pregnancy is discovering the gender of the baby inside the womb. There are plenty of baby gender prediction tricks helping you determine what you are having – a son or a daughter.

Have a look at the list below, introduced by The Wanna be WAHM:

  1. The Old Wives Tales Prediction Method (including your skin, hair, fingernails, pregnancy symptoms, etc.)
  2. The Wedding Ring Test
  3. The Drano Myth Method
  4. Baby Heart Rate Differences
  5. Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart
  6. The Mother’s Sleep Position
  7. Carrying High or Low
  8. Craving Sweet or Sour

Have you tried all the tricks above? Or have any of these been accurate when you carried the first child? These options here are worthy trying. Give them a go and see which team you belong to – pink or blue.

Occasionally, watch this video in which you’ll get to know a Japan method to predict your baby gender.


With a bit of prediction, pregnancy is much fun!

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