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Check Out Noticeable Signs Of Pregnancy

Think that you may be pregnant? Well, you can take a pregnancy test, yet there is another simple way to find out if you are pregnant accurately – that’s discovering the early pregnancy signs. According to The Wanna be WAHM, about 90 percent of women feel symptoms of pregnancy in their first trimester.

It has been a couple weeks since you and your partner had sex. Now you want the answer for “am I pregnant?” A pregnancy test at home or a blood test with your OB will surely give you an accurate result. However, before taking those tests, there are some noticeable signs of pregnancy showing that you may very well be pregnant.

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Take a look at the following symptoms and see if any of them feel familiar.

Noticeable Signs of Pregnancy

1. Morning sickness

Although it’s called “morning” sickness, this symptom can visit you any time of a day (morning, noon or night). For some women, it does not appear until they’ve conceived after a month or two, while it may hit others after two weeks. Ginger and acupuncture are the best methods to deal with morning sickness. Unfortunately, some feel very terrible as there’s nothing that can relieve their nausea.

It will disappear when the first trimester ends. However, in special cases, morning sickness will continue during the second trimester or even the whole pregnancy.

2. Missed period

If there is an interruption in your menstrual cycle, there is a high chance that you could be pregnant. The period does not arrive on time is one of the most common signs associated with pregnancy.

3. Sore, tender breasts

The Wanna be WAHM points out another early sign of pregnancy – breast changes. As soon as you getting pregnant, you may notice that your breasts become swollen and sensitive. This discomfortable feeling will diminish right after the first trimester, but first you have to experience these changes:

  • Nipples may be uncomfortable, sore and sensitive
  • Nipples and areolas may grow in size and deepen in color
  • Breasts may be tender and (or) lumpy
  • Veins may be more conspicuous and enlarged around the breast area
  • Little bumps on areolas may become larger and increase
Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Know

4. Fatigue

Suddenly feeling tired? If you frequently fall asleep in recent days, you could be pregnant. No one knows what exactly causes fatigue in pregnant woman, but the most appropriate answer may be the hormone progesterone’s increasing levels. This leads to your sleepiness, explaining why you always need to rest or sleep.

You will feel much better when the second trimester comes. However, fatigue does not end forever – it will return especially at the late of third trimester.

5. Cramping and spotting

When you are pregnant, your fetus grows bigger into the wall of your uterus, causing the uterus to contract. If the cramping happens with bleeding, quickly see your doctor to know whether you have a miscarriage or not. But since bleeding is also a very common situation in pregnancy, you don’t need to worry much. There are many women experience both cramping and bleeding yet still have healthy pregnancy.

Amongst pregnancy symptoms presented by The Wanna be WAHM, spotting is the scariest one to expecting parents. The spotting usually has the pinkish color, not red. In fact, doctors say this sign has nothing to worry about. But for a safe pregnancy, you should check up with your medical caregiver if experiencing any bleeding.

More signs can be found in this video!

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