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4 Things You Don’t Know About Being Pregnant

Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

Pregnancy is an exciting yet also challenging time in a woman’s life. Knowing soon you will meet your cutie baby, now is the time to get baby clothes, prepare the baby’s room…right? However, being pregnant is not completely as sweet as what you’ve heard or imagined of. Forget the sugar-coating – here, The Wanna be WAHM reveals some serious surprises that might happen to you.

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Women, mostly, begin the journey to motherhood with not much knowledge about what to expect during the nine-month process. With the help of Prof. Vivette Glover, a pregnancy specialist of UK, we’ve come up with four things that people seem to forget to mention.

Things Nobody Tells You about Pregnancy

1. Pelvic pain

Normally, the woman’s body, during the pregnancy period, must undergo different changes as the preparation for childbirth. This includes releasing the hormone relaxin, which softens and relaxes muscles, ligaments and tendons in the pelvis, giving the expectant mothers flexibility. With greater elasticity, a woman’s pelvis can easily adapt to the baby’s head when it comes down. Thus, The Wanna be WAHM recommends you NOT to overdo exercise when expecting.

Those who are in their second or third pregnancy may suffer from SPD, or also known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. This triggers backache when a woman is walking, standing or even sitting.

2. Haemarrhoids

Over 50% of pregnant women get piles (or emerods, haemorrhoids). This happens when there’s bulging and swollen veins in your rectum. Haemorrhoids even become worse when you are pregnant, because veins in the rectum have to withstand greater pressure from your expanding uterus. According to Vivette, piles in pregnancy often cause itching and bleeding, making a person uncomfortable if she sits for too long.

3. Bleeding gums

Discovering Your Pregnancy

Due to several changes of hormone in the body, the expectant mother’s gums often bleed, says Vivette. The best way to deal with this condition is to brush and floss your teeth with a gentle manner. If your gums keep bleeding for more than 3 days, then visit your dentist for a dental care to pregnant women.

The Wanna be WAHM advises all soon-to-be mothers to have regular check-ups with the dentist to give your teeth a very good care.

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4. Hearing loss

Hormonal changes will cause temporary hearing loss. To some expectant mothers, especially those who are allergic to something, they feel like their ears getting blocked. Since our inner ears have connection to circulatory systems, the increasing blood volume of a pregnancy will partially influence pregnant women’s Eustachian tubes. This, in a certain period, can worsen the hearing.

Have you got something to add to your list of pregnancy? These symptoms will improve after delivery, so don’t be too worried. Bear all the pains and difficulties and a big surprise is awaiting you at the end of the pregnancy journey.

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