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Secrets For An Easy Birth – Find Out NOW!

Who doesn’t like a quick, easy labor, right? In fact, a safe, uncomplicated birth is always top of every pregnant woman’s wish list. According to The Wanna be WAHM, there are lots of factors dictating how the birth goes. Some are beyond a woman’s control, but it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to have the best pregnancy experience.

While waiting till your big day, you have many things to do for achieving your goal – an easier, safer labor. From exercise to childbirth class, check out the complete information in the following for a good preparation.

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1. Pregnancy workouts

Secrets for an Easy Labor

If you don’t want to suffer long, terrible labors, then it’s necessary to keep fit. Expectant mothers who do pregnancy workouts tend to have short labors, says Tekoa King, a certified nurse mid-wife at San Francisco. Fitness not only helps pregnant women stay in shape, but also improve their endurance. After earning a “yes” from the doctor, moms can walk, swim, or participate in a prenatal-exercise class moderately.

Doing exercises helps you bear labors better so that you don’t need any medical intervention.

2. A childbirth class

For greater knowledge about childbirth stages, The Wanna be WAHM advises you to take a short-term childbirth class. This way will bring you much comfort and make you feel less anxious before the big event. Without any stress or worry, you will have an easier labor.

Seeking the right childbirth class is very important. You and your hubby should consider small classes (not over 10 couples) with a certified instructor giving useful advice and guide, as well as goals that mesh with yours.

3. A light snack

Discovering Your Pregnancy

In the early stages of labor, you’re recommended to have a light snack; this will help to maintain your energy level as well as keep it up. Importantly, The Wanna be WAHM advises you to avoid food that’s hard to digest – you could feel nauseated and vomit with a too-full stomach. Instead, eat bananas, oats, nuts, rice cakes, or even glucose tablets. Also, drink water regularly at home whenever you feel dehydrated; clear liquids can reduce or shorten your labors.

4. Best support

Besides the support of your partner, it is crucial to get additional help throughout your labor. Women receiving the assistance and care from the well-trained and experienced doula don’t need pain medication and the C-section. They also experience a short labor, compared to those without this pregnancy service. For the best comfort, you and your husband should discuss this matter with your care provider before hiring a doula.

Please check out noticeable signs of pregnancy to better manage your labor and delivery.

In general, all of these tips have to be done with the advice and instruction of your doctor or midwife. Let them guide you to minimize potential risks!

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