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Stress about Pregnancy and 5 Tips to Overcome It (Check NOW)

Stress about pregnancy is completely common for almost everyone, especially women pregnant for the first time or pregnant in their teenage are likely to experience.

Despite that, if this matter is not treated immediately, it will get worse and effect seriously to the health of both the mother and fetus. Adjusting your lifestyle to be healthier and more active is the best way to avoid stress.

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What Causes Stress During Pregnancy?

handle stress during your pregnancy

Pregnant women have to deal with emotional and physical changes making them get irritable more frequent than usual. They even lose their appetite or do not have enough sleep as well. However, many often pay less attention to these issues which are the core reason causing stress and anxiety.

When your stress becomes more serious, it’s definitely not good for your health and your baby’s health.

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There are many reasons causing stress during pregnancy.

Here we’ve chosen some common reasons including:


Sudden hormone fluctuations in the body


Pregnant women feel extremely worried about their own health and their children’s health. They try to avoid eating junk food or force themselves to do many activities causing excessive stress.


Economic pressure, especially single moms who get pregnant when not fully prepared about finances


Having conflicts with family, with husband or husband’s family


The change in appearance, physique, and skin makes the woman lose her confidence and causes stress


Back pain, abdominal pain, and numbness in the limbs, makes the mother unable to sleep


Losing fatigue or abstaining from many things makes the mood uncomfortable

How to Overcome Stress about Pregnancy?

Any word or act can leave an impact on pregnant women and make them overthink a lot. Due to their mood changes, they become more uncomfortable than usual and extremely sensitive. When holding much unpleasantness and worry inside, they will soon get swallowed by stress emotionally.

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Have a look at these tips below to overcome stress during pregnancy:

1. Care from family and husband

Just a little care from the husband can help a pregnant woman’s mental health a lot better. So, men should spend time for their wife and patiently listen to her needs every day so that her mood can be more comfortable and relaxed.

Do not be angry or cause suffocating situations as that can make pregnant women feel abandoned and uncared for.

The husband can also share and help his wife with the housework to show his support. Don’t forget to shower her with loving words and gestures every day to thank and encourage her effort of bearing the baby. This will make pregnant women feel that their sacrifice is worthy, no longer feel tired and pitiful when seeing themselves getting unattractive.

In the meantime, the family should also create a happy and comfy atmosphere for pregnant women and respect their wants.

2. Do daily exercises

Daily exercises not only strengthen the immune system, improve health, enhance blood circulation to reduce numbness in the limbs, but also improve the emotional state of pregnant women.

Just jogging every day for about 15-30 minutes and breathing in fresh air can help you feel much happier.

If you find your body too sore and unable to move normally, you can try practicing yoga or meditation. These are two methods that help support blood circulation, enlighten your mood, reduce limb pain, and help fetus’ development reach the maximum level. Doing yoga exercises can release your stress about pregnancy properly and also help you give birth easier.

3. Attend pregnancy classes

These days, antenatal courses are popular among pregnant women, both online and offline. Therefore, it’s easier for them to prepare themselves mentally and physically for giving birth and taking care of a child.

If you have time, you can join these classes with your husband. You can learn how to control your mind as well as look after your little one in each stage to avoid overthinking and getting stress.

When attending in a pregnancy and childbirth class, you’ll have a chance to meet other woman with the same situation. It also helps you find a companion whom you can share your burden and concern. Making friends is a great part in improving the mood of anyone, including stress caused by pregnancy.

4. Get a massage

Due to the high demand for maternity care, there are many services for pregnant women nowadays. They will be treated both physically and mentally through massage treatments to help their whole body relax. Fatigue, insomnia, and numbness will be reduced significantly.

You can use this kind of service at spas or beauty centers specifically for pregnant women.

Besides, you can tell your husband to give yourself a massage (limbs, shoulders, neck, etc.) at home. Try soaking your feet with hot water and massage them with essential oils for a good result.

5. Have a good sleep

One of the main causes of stress is insomnia.

When you are sleepless, your body does not have enough energy, so it’s easy to get irritated and tired; plus, the fetus won’t get enough nutrients. That’s why pregnant women should not underestimate the importance of sleep.

The person needs an average sleep of 7-8 hours a day, but pregnant women must sleep more than that. Go to bed before 10 PM and try to take a nap in the afternoon so that your body has enough energy. For a good sleep, you should lie in a position with your head and legs elevated to prevent heartburn and acid reflux.

Many say that laying on the left side is also a great position for pregnant women to feel comfortable and have a better sleep.

In Conclusion

Overall, stress about pregnancy can be completely resolved if being detected quickly and treated in time.

Always embrace pregnant women with positive energy by loving and caring for them every day. Hopefully, today’s article has brought you a lot of useful information in taking care of pregnant women’s mental health most effectively.

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