Chinese Gender Predictor Chart 2024 (Is It Really Accurate?)

Do you want to find out whether your unborn child is a boy or girl?

Aside from the ultrasound scan, Chinese gender chart 2024 can help predicting the baby gender accurately.

With this ancient chart, with calculations from the lunar calendar, the baby sex determination process is no longer a problem.

Where to Get Accurate Baby Gender Prediction Readings?

The first question when finding out you’re pregnant is usually about the gender of your baby. Asides from using the Chinese pregnancy calendar or other old wives’ tale methods, there’s a more reliable way to get the sex prediction of an unborn child.

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As per The Wannabe WAHM, this gender prediction tool works based on two main elements, the mother’s date of birth and the conception month.

If you are pregnant, I recommend you to give Chinese baby calendar 2024 a try – the result will definitely surprise you.

In-Depth Look into Chinese Calendar Gender in 2024

Find out your baby gender with Chinese gender chart 2024

If you are from the West and want to use this ancient Chinese technique to figure out the gender of your baby, then you must know a bit of information about the Chinese lunar calendar.

Based on the time zone in China, Chinese New Year Day will occur on Tuesday, February 5, 2024, and the very first day of Chinese Zodiac Year is on Monday, February 4, 2024.

Overall, the Chinese lunar months for the 2024 baby gender prediction calendar show the difference in China and USA time zones.

When using the chartof Qing Dynasty for a prediction as well as selection of the baby gender, never forget to convert your age and the month of conception into the lunar age and lunar month.

Without the change, the result won’t be accurate.

Here I offer the best 10 tips you must read before using this famous Chinese birth calendar. By following what I mention below, you can increase the chance of conceiving the baby of the gender you desire and determine exactly the gender of the baby you are carrying.

6 Things to Know Before Using Chinese Gender Chart 2024

Tip #1 – The chart carries the prediction & predetermination roles

Did you know that the original Chinese birth calendar 2024 actually deliver two roles?

As I already talk about this above, this chart is actually utilized for two main purposes: gender prediction and gender predetermination.

For more details, Chinese gender predictor chart helps an expectant mother find out the most probable gender of her fetus.

Meanwhile, some often make use of the same chart to get a hint of the time periods in which they can become pregnant with a child of the gender they yearn for; put it simply, this Chinese baby gender calendar indicates the exact time intervals that a woman should make love with her partner for a high chance of conceiving a girlor a boy.

Tip #2 – The columns & rows are in Chinese lunar calendar

Importantly, the numbers in the chart’s rows and columns are calculated in Chinese lunar calendar.

Many users, because of not knowing this tip, have often made the most common mistake: they wrongly believe that both columns and rows are from the Gregorian calendar.

Nevertheless, this original Chinese birth calendar was found in China, about 700 years ago. Since it has been used in China for a long time, the system was based on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar.

In the Chinese baby calendar, the columns correspond to the months of the traditional Chinese calendar and are considered as “lunar months”. Besides, the rows correspond to the lunar ages calculated according to the Chinese calendar’s rules.

Tip #3 – Multiple names

Before using this legendary chart, you probably realize that it is usually referred to many different names.

Chinese gender chart, Chinese baby gender calendar, Chinese pregnancy calendar, Chinese conception prediction, and much more – those names indicate the ancient Chinese birth chart.

Anyway, all the variable names of this famous table are the combination of the following words:

1/ Chinese: Firstly, this accurate gender prediction chart was found in China by a Chinese legend. Its columns and rows indicate lunar ages and lunar months calculated based on the traditionalChinese calendar.

2/ Baby: The purpose of this chart is to reveal either the real gender of the unborn baby or the time periods a woman is likely to get pregnant with her preferred gender.

3/ Gender: Surely, the gender is the key aspect of this chart. Aside from the columns and rows, you’ll find the B or G letters in all the rest cells – this connotes BOY and GIRL (M and F are MALE and FEMALE).

Tip #4 – The chart refers to the conception of baby, not birth

Never forget this tip as it is very significant!

Even though the Chinese gender chart 2024 is availed to predict a baby’s gender prediction or to select the baby gender, it refers only to the moment of conception, not birth.

Still confused?

Well, when using this legendary table to guess the baby’s sex, you’ll see the columns signifying the lunar month in which the baby was conceived. In case you want to predetermine the baby gender, the columns will help you know when a baby should be conceived.

Tip #5 – No scientific proof

Why is this chart popular amongst parents?

In fact, it doesn’t have any scientific evidence; however, many still think it’s reliable because the chart is quite accurate with the accuracy up to 90%. Well, many webpages have described the famous chart online based on the legendary Chinese gender chart is really high.

Be aware that it is only empirically proven only in Taiwan with a success rate of more than 95%, not scientific proven.

Tip #6 – Use the Gregorian-translated charts

If you find it hard to convert the info into the Chinese lunar calendar, then consider utilizing a tool call Gregorian-translated chart which help you find the result from the famous tool for gender prediction or predetermination with ease.

The tool contains:

  • The Gregorian periods corresponding to the lunar months represented by the columns
  • The Gregorian periods corresponding to the lunar ages represented by the rows as well as indicating the intervals of mother’s birth.

Actually, all the tables you found on the Internet are Gregorian translated. The translations may vary from one or two Gregorian year, so please notice.

Ask a Psychic for Accurate Chinese Calendar Gender Prediction

Now, if you are not sure about the accuracy of Chinese gender chart calculator 2024, then don’t mind asking one pregnant psychic online for a precise reading.

During the session, they could make use of the original table to help you gain intuitive, genuine prediction about your unborn child’s gender. If you are trying to conceive, then they even enable to see whether or not there’s a soul showing up in your future.

Talking to a pregnant psychic will help you strengthen the bond with the fetus inside your womb as well as understand their personality traits.

What is Chinese Gender Calendar?

What is Chinese Gender Calendar

Originated from Qing Dynasty,Chinese gender calendarwas first discovered in a royal tomb 700 years ago. The chart has numerous square boxes divided into two colors, pink and blue. These colors will let you know if the baby you are conceiving will be aboy or girl once you calculate your Chinese age andmonth of conception.

“Will my baby be a son or daughter?” This is one of the most common questions of all parents-to-be. Don’t keep the question in mind as now you have Chinese pregnancy calendar. It can give you the instant result after a very short time calculation. This tool has two primary purposes:

  • Sex prediction – It helps finding out the baby gender
  • Sex selection – It helps predetermine a future being’s gender by offering the right time to conceive with a desired gender

How To Use:

The Wannabe WAHM will present you three simple steps for using 2024 Chinese Gender Chart.

Step 1:Get your lunar age at the time of conceiving a baby

How to calculate your Chinese age?

A person’s Chinese age is normally one year older than their actual age. Therefore, simple add one year to your real age and you’ll get the lunar age. For example, if you are 25 years old internationally, then your lunar age will be 26.

You can also use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter Online.

Step 2:Get the month of conception

Note that Chinese Gender Chart only accepts the lunar month of conception.

Step 3:Match the column and the row

Once you have enough required elements, match your Chinese lunar age at conception (the row) and the Chinese lunar month of conception (the column) together. The intersecting point will let you know your baby’s gender.

See the video below to know whether Chinese gender calendar really works.

Overall Look of Chinese Baby Gender Chart

Overall Look of Chinese Baby Gender Chart

Does the Chinese gender chart really work?

The well-know Chinese conception chart is called so as people claim it can make precise predictions about the gender of a fetus. Put it simply, this tool helps parents to verify if their unborn baby is aboy or girl by revealing the baby’s most probable gender.

In addition, as per The Wannabe WAHM, Chinese pregnancy calendar is also used as another function – predetermining the sex of a child. It is somehow able to recommend a woman when to become pregnant to increase the probability of conceiving a baby with the intended sex.

About the accuracy of this gender chart, the answer is – you shouldn’t rely too much on the result.

Although most of the predictions of Chinese pregnancy calendar have a highly accurate rate, up to 80%, this ancient tool has no certain scientific basis.

Whether it is gender selection or prediction, remember Chinese gender chart is only for entertaining purpose.

For more questions about this topic, leave all in the comment.

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