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Pregnant Tarot Readings: A Glimpse Into Your Pregnancy & Childbirth

How accurate are pregnant tarot readings online?

Nowadays, tarot readers receive more and more questions about pregnancy even though they avoid giving readings to those questions. Why?

The first thing is that pregnancy belongs to the medical category; ironically, having a pregnancy test or a checkup with the doctor will help you get the answer right away.

Therefore, the readers advise you not to ask for pregnant tarot readings if all you want to know is just whether or not you are pregnant.

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Of course not all pregnancy questions are from the same category.

  • Is this period promising for me to get pregnant?
  • May I expect a pregnancy in this year?
  • When is the favorable time to conceive a baby?
  • Should I ask for medical opinion about my pregnancy issues?

Instead of asking ‘am I pregnant’ or ‘will I get pregnant,’ we’ve suggested some good examples of questions for the matter that you will certainly gain a legit, reasonable answer.

Most significantly, you should define time frame based on practical expectations whenever making questions about timing. That’s why you should prepare the question list before purchasing for pregnant tarot readings– a good preparation will save both your and your advisor’s time.

What Can a Pregnancy Tarot Reading Benefit You?

a good reading will help you prepare well for your future birth

Every situation is unique and sometimes cannot be answered by any existing spread.

By having a customized tarot reading on a specific issue, a woman will gain the clarity and insight on how to create a positive experience throughout her pregnancy and birth. In addition, the guidance from the tarot practitioner can reveal how to form a strong connection with her baby.

So, to help you achieve the most from the session, your reader will create a tarot spread based on your questions as well as your own circumstance.

The goal of pregnant tarot readings is to make your feel empowering and uplifting so that you can create a great source of positive energy surrounding. Furthermore, the interpretation for each card will guide you to the best choices for yourself.

Please note that this kind of reading does not overlap into the medical or health area.

What can be better than connecting to your unborn child in an emotional and a spiritual way! The reading will come with the advice for the improvement with your partner during this incredible period. Overall, you will have a positive pregnancy with the assistance of a professional tarot advisor.

What is Pregnancy Tarot Spread?

reading cards laid out tells you a lot about your pregnancy

Just as you can attain a good reading without making clear questions, finding an appropriate spread focusing on your pregnancy is also important as well.

A good, detailed tarot spread can really help in the interpretation of the messages.

Guess what? You can totally create one yourself with ease. The spread normally consists of less than 10 cards, and the 3-card spreads are probably most common amongst.

However, if making a very own spread sounds not reliable, then it’s better to consider spreads created by other professional tarot readers. My ultimate choice when it comes to pregnancy tarot spreads is either Lisa Boswell or Brigit from Biddy Tarot.

In case of the Biddy Tarot, there are some spreads created even when she was expecting a baby herself. You can register for an in-depth reading from her because she is very positive and compassionate when delivering the service. Her customized spread will cover your pregnancy from different aspects; for example, blessings when getting pregnant and things to prepare for the birth, without going into the medical arena.

Design your own pregnancy spread

There are hundreds of different tarot spreads out there; thus, finding one that perfectly fits your situation is extremely difficult to.

Maybe you need help to create a tarot spread of your own!

Before starting with the layout, you must think about what matters you are longing for the answer and then break down all of them into small different areas. You may feel curious about the child’s characteristics, connection between you and your partner, and possible challenges for the journey ahead.

1. Understand your situation

The more specific your question is, the more details you will gain from your tarot reading. To create an efficient spread, it’s necessary to understand what is really on your mind when you have a question for the tarot cards.

Which issue keeps wakening you up at night?

As you dig in your situation in a bit more depth, your customized tarot spread will become more obvious.

2. Ask yourself several common questions

Once you have clarity of what your mind wants to ask, let’s move to common questions which can help you shape the custom tarot spread.

When you want to develop a customized spread for your own circumstance, here are a number of questions to consider as the starting point:

  • What is blocking me? How can I overcome this blockage?
  • What are the opportunities coming to me?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses?
  • What hidden factors do I need to consider?
  • What do I need to know about (my pregnancy)?
  • Where am I headed in the next year?
  • What will be the outcome if…?

Of all the questions above, you could make use of some to answer your question and begin to narrow them into a specific situation.

3. Focus on empowering your energy

No one enjoys a tarot reading saying nothing but their problems only and leaving them confused without any solution. Thus, make sure you also focus on creating positive experience when designing a spread based on your own problems.

Check out the example questions below that help you think of a solution afterwards:

  • How can I overcome my obstacles?
  • How can I resolve the issues of my own?
  • How can I bring about the best possible outcome?
  • Where do my greatest opportunities lie?
  • Where should I focus my attention?
  • What is the best thing I can do right now to…?

Go with the questions that could fill you with empowerment and inspiration.

4. Begin to lay out the cards

When doing the layout with the tarot deck, I honestly don’t pay much attention to the cards’ position, shapes, or patterns. As a linear person, I just lay each card out one after the other; nonetheless, some other tarot readers are more specific and likely to create a particular pattern (a cross, a star, a circle, etc.) for their tarot spread.

If you read the cards drawn in your preferred pattern, the insight you earn will be more relevant and profound.

Now when you’ve covered all the basic principles, it’s time to work with your own spread. For the beginners, I advise you to go with the Rider Waite of all tarot decks on the market in case you have no idea in picking one for the practice.

Read your pregnancy Tarot spread

Read your pregnancy Tarot spread
  • You emotions in this present moment
  • Your desire in experiencing your pregnancy
  • Your blessings in this journey
  • Potential challenges in the future
  • Improvement on your connection with the baby
  • Improvement on your personal well-being throughout pregnancy
  • Preparation for labor and birth
  • Preparation for your baby’s arrival
  • Guide to enhance the relationship of you and your partner

So, what can the pregnant tarot spread help you?

Interpret each card in order and you will get the answer of how an actual pregnancy tarot reading turns out.

Which Tarot Card Indicates Pregnancy?

Take a look at the list of following tarot cards which predict pregnancy in tarot readings:

1. The Empress

The Empress

When it comes to tarot cards indicating fertility, the Empress is the most prominent one. Maybe it’s too obvious because the card carries the symbol of pregnancy, fertility, and childbirth.

The Empress tarot card confirms a positive pregnancy outcome.

2. The Sun

The Sun

The Sun is another positive card representing children.

If you have trouble with conceiving and then this card shows up in your reading, then it’s a very good sign. The Sun means there will be a baby come into your life…not at this moment but at certain times in the future.

3. Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups card in a pregnancy reading predicts the birth of a little girl. In case you want to know whether you will become pregnant or not, this tarot is a good candidate as it also represents fertility and child birth.

If you see the Ace of Cups appears in the outcome, future, or present position of the spread, tell yourself it’s a good omen.

4. Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

While the Ace of Cups represents the birth of a girl, the Ace of Wands helps an expectant woman knows that she is carrying a boy.

5. Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Finally, this is the tarot card that hints you about traditional pregnancy, fertility and childbirth. Technically it represents children, so you can tell that you are pregnancy positive once seeing the Page of Cups in your reading.

Of all Pages, the Page of Cups card is most likely to predict pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Not only revealing how you will experience your pregnancy, a reading with a tarot reader will shape your mind and provide you guidance on how to prepare your upcoming birth physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

The tarot spread can shed some lights on your unborn child’s personality and connection you share with him (or her).

Are you ready to hear the truth from pregnant tarot readings?

Tell us what you gained from your own session in the comment!

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