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When is The BEST Time to Take a Pregnancy Test?

Your period is late for a few days, you feel tired and nauseous, or your lower abdomen has a dull pain. At this moment, you may be constantly wondering if these are signs of pregnancy in your head.

To confirm this matter, it’s necessary to use a pregnancy test.

But, when is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Most of women are eager to have a baby. With all the changes going on in the body, it’s understandable if they think they are actually pregnant. Having a pregnancy test will give you accurate results.

3 Things to Know about Pregnancy Test

the best time to use pregnancy test

The pregnancy test is a simple, easy to use method that gives the accuracy of up to 97% to the result. However, women should use it at the most appropriate time and in the correct way.One of the common mistakes when using a pregnancy test is that we make the wrong timing; therefore, it fails to detect the hCG hormone in the urine. To avoid making this mistake, you should note these following things:

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1. The best time to use the pregnancy test

For an accurate result, the most accurate time to use a pregnancy test is 10-14 days after having sex with your partner. If you do it before this time, the result will be incorrect. You can try to test at any time; however, I highly recommend you to do it in the morning after waking up.

Experts say that the first urine of the day will be the best for examining.

2. The best way to use the pregnancy test correctly

When using a pregnancy test, you should follow these 3 steps:

– Step 1: Collect an amount of urine in the cup- Step 2: Take out the pregnancy test and hold it in the direction of the arrow pointing down- Step 3: Put the pregnancy test into the cup in the direction of the vertical arrow – Step 4: Do not let the urine exceed the arrow- Step 5: Leave for a while to read the result

After approx. 5 minutes, the test will notify you of the results.

If two lines appear, you are pregnant. If there is only 1 line, you are not pregnant. If no lines appear, it could be because either the test or the urine has problems. You should better try again with another test.

3. When the pregnancy test gives incorrect results…

You did it too early.

For those trying it one week earlier after sex, the results may not be accurate.

You are taking medication.

Some medicines can change the level of hCG in the urine and cause inaccurate test results, such as paracetamol, diuretics, sedatives, anticonvulsants, or any medicine containing hCG.

You drink too much water.

If you drink too much water before the test, it will also cause false results because water dilutes the hCG levels.

You have urinary tract infections.

A urinary tract infection or kidney disease can also signal a false positive on a pregnancy test.

4 Signs You Should Take a Pregnancy Test

If you spot these signs, maybe it’s time to take a pregnancy test to find out whether or not you are pregnant.

1. Your period is late

Late period is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that you can easily recognize. If you don’t have the habit of tracking your period every month, it can be more difficult to determine whether you’re actually missing your period or not.

So, in this situation, when should a pregnancy test be used?

The answer is that you may consider using a pregnancy test one month after your last period. Pay attention to the amount of blood during your period as well if you think you are pregnant.

However, there are still many reasons causing you missing your period aside from being pregnant, such as stress, anxiety, diet, exercise, etc. Therefore, you should have regular check-ups to maintain your health condition.

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2. You are having cramps

The conception process can cause the body to have similar reactions to the feeling of cramps during your period. At this stage, you may feel not so comfortable and think that your period is coming, but then you will notice that your period is later than usual.

Therefore, although it’s easy to recognize, this sign is often overlooked in the early stage of pregnancy.

3. Tightness in your chest

During pregnancy, the estrogen and progesterone will be produced more making your body gradually changes to support the development of the fetus. One of the first changes that you may notice is that your breasts may become more sensitive and tight. The size will also increase due to the increase of blood flow in this area. Your nipples could get darken, and the veins under the skin become more prominent.

Nonetheless, many people still experience this when they are close to their period, so it’s not a certain sign that you’re pregnant.

4. Changes in your overall health

If you’re wondering when to take a pregnancy test, apart from the signs above, you should also notice these following changes including:

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, these symptoms can become more apparent and help you know you are pregnant.

Therefore, always pay attention to strange health symptoms.


So, when is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

In order to use a pregnancy test to check for fertility, my advice is that you should wait at least 10-14 days from the date of having sex.

Although the market today has many different types of pregnancy test, you can still use any of them easily if you carefully read the instructions. Be sure to follow the correct steps to not distort the results!

Hopefully with the information above, you have a clear understanding of when to use a pregnancy test to get accurate results.

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