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Learning about sexual and reproductive health is extremely important. It helps us prevent sexually transmitted diseases and plan a good pregnancy. One of the most asked questions is: "will I get pregnant after my period?"

Can you get pregnant right after your period?

Well, many women get confused about whether or not their menstrual cycle affects on their fertility. In today’s article, we’re about to find out if you can conceive right away after the LMP.

Your Chance of Getting Pregnant After Your Period

get pregnant after your period

As everyone knows, once the menstrual period ends, it means a woman’s eggs are already released and dissolved. If having sex 1-2 days after your period, then the sperm won’t have much chance of fertilizing the egg.

At the end of your period, the endometrial lining of a woman will become thin and get thick again in the following days.

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Therefore, if you have sex right after your period, the chances of getting pregnant are quite low. You don’t have to be worried much (especially those who’ve not thought about pregnancy yet), because this is a safe period. Therefore, the conception rate after your period is relatively not high.

It doesn’t mean that getting pregnant just before or after your period is impossible. In fact, the chances for one to conceive a baby usually depends on the timing and length of their cycle. For those trying to be pregnant, the best time to have sex with your partner is before or during your ovulation.

How Possible is It to Get Pregnant After the Period?

According to experts, in some cases, women will ovulate as soon as their menstrual cycle ends. Meanwhile, the maximum time for sperms to survive inside their body is up to 5 days. This explains why many women still successfully conceive though it’s considered a "safe period" of a month.

Honestly, it’s never an ideal time to get pregnant immediately after your period. But, not many know that conceiving at this time is more certain than during your period. Why? The answer is because it’s when you’re closer to the ovulating time. Keep in mind that there are two factors can boost your chances of having a baby after the period.

They are:

  • A short menstrual cycle
  • A long period

When your cycle is short and period is long, then it’s likely for to be fertile during the last few days of your period or after that.

If you don’t want to have a baby at this point, use reliable birth control methods no matter which day of your cycle it is.

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How to Calculate the Conception Date?

To figure out exactly when you will experience the pregnancy, it’s a must to actively learn and understand about calculating the date of conception. By doing that, you’ll be able to prepare everything well before the arrival of the baby.

In general, the most fertile time for couples often occurs 12 to 14 days before your next period starts. Some studies show that, by this time, a woman’s eggs have just been released by the ovary. If you don’t wish to become pregnant, then these are the days you need to be the most careful with.

Meanwhile, the safest time to have sex is from day 22 to before the start of your upcoming menstrual period.

Nevertheless, there are also cases of late ovulation, in which they still conceive after the 20th day. From the first day to the 7th day of the menstrual period, the chances of conceiving are not high. Yet, some still can ovulate early, so couples should not ignore using contraception. If you have sex without any protection, your possibility of getting pregnant is quite high.

Your Pregnancy with a Fortune Teller

Have you heard about pregnancy psychic readings?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful gifts of a woman received from God. But, that gift sometimes brings you worries and concerns. There are lots of questions about this matter that needs to be answered:

For more insights about your pregnancy as well as fertility in general, I recommend you to get yourself a psychic reading with a genuine fortune teller. They will be able to give you the answers to your most burning questions, for example:

When will you conceive?

Those trying to conceive a baby can get a fortune telling session to know when it could happen. Being a mom is never an easy thing; therefore, it would be much better with the guidance of an advisor. They will offer you a glimpse of when that day will arrive. If this is your first time, then obtaining insights on when it will happen is exciting!

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When will I give birth?

Having a talk with a renowned pregnancy specialist will give you the answer of when you could possibly deliver of and hold your offspring in your arms.

How will my baby look and act?

If wondering whether or not you are already pregnant, the reading will answer that and also provide more info about what your baby will be like. You can learn more on the newborn’s gender, zodiac sign, characteristics, and future through the help of a free pregnancy fortune telling.

What is the name of my baby?

After getting all the insights about your pregnancy, it’s time to get a prediction for your baby’s name. The fortune teller can reveal the first letter of the baby’s name, so that later you can come up with a good name choice for your prince or princess.

Do NOT ask fortune tellers topics related to health advice.

Final Words

So, can you get pregnant right after your period?

Hopefully this article has given you the answer to your question. But, keep in mind that the chance of you getting pregnant at that time is still possible. If you are not ready to have a baby, it’s better to use safe birth controls.

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